Ambassadors for Peace Get-Together in Washington State

Ferndale, WA – Although there has never been an official Ambassador for Peace (AFP) Association in the area, several notable AFP’s have come from here. They have all served the local community in significant ways. Several have attended Middle East Peace Initiative tours; some have traveled to Korea and participated in International Leadership Conferences; and other international programs. 

We decided it was time to get veterans together with new folks and stir the coals into flames. On October 19th, twenty-four (24) people met at a local restaurant for great food and inspiration. 

We opened our program with a report about the House of Tears Carvers delivered by long time Ambassador for Peace, Jewell “Praying Wolf” James. Jewell is a member of the Lummi Nation and a well-known native American leader. He explained how the totem poles they carved are points of unity where people can heal and unite.

Everyone was then invited to introduce themselves and tell a bit about their lives and work.

We then watched the most recent UPF Introduction video followed by a review of the 5 Principles of Peace and Head-wing thought.  

Those who were learning about the AFP for the first time were uniformly surprised and pleased with the evening and the information. Several expressed interest in becoming ambassadors. We were very happy that so many current Ambassadors for Peace were on hand to reconnect and to start working on building an active chapter in Bellingham which is in the northwestern-most county in the contiguous United States, tucked up in a corner formed by Canada and the North Pacific Ocean. It is an area noted for natural beauty and for natural people.  


Contributed by: Larry Krishnek, Adviser, UPF Washington State

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