American Leadership Conference: Building a Nation of Peace

New York, NY – Universal Peace Federation, USA, in partnership with UNESCO Center for Peace, NY Chapter, organizes a phenomenal American Leadership Conference on December 19th in New York City.

The sixty participants who attended the event included a range between long-time established guests, to rising young adult leaders, all of whom were passionate about bringing change to America.

The program began with welcoming remarks from Dr. Thomas Walsh – President of UPF International – who gave the highlights of the work of UPF in 2014. Dr. Walsh was followed by Her Excellency Ms. Sire Dione Conde – President, UNESCO Centers for Peace, NY Chapter – who warmly welcomed the guests and thanked them for their attendance.


Mr. Ricardo de Sena, President, UPF USA, spoke on the second session of the program regarding marriage and family. Mr. de Sena also congratulated Dr. Joseph Champagne, Mayor, South Toms River, New Jersey, alongside Secretary General Cynthia Shibuya, as Mayor Champagne was appointed to become an Ambassador for Peace.

A total of five sessions where held discussing and giving solutions for topics such as “A Vision for Peace: Universal Principle of Creation,” addressed by Dr. Thomas Walsh and “The Root Cause of Conflict and Principles of Reconciliation,” addressed by Her Excellency Mrs. Genie Kagawa, Chairwoman of UN NGO Committee on Spirituality.

UPF USA focuses four main areas, two of which include inter-faith activities and youth services. Both of these were addressed during the conference as Ashley Freema Weeks, President, Ghanaian Youth Education Outreach of USA, and several religious leaders attended including Rabbi Roger Ross, Executive Director, Rabbinical Seminary International, and new recently appointed Ambassador for Peace, Imam Konate, Vice President of the Imam Leadership Council in Harlem.


Fourteen new Ambassadors for Peace were also appointed during this conference with a call to action as they embark to establish a nation of peace here in the United States of America.

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