Exciting Meeting Held in Seattle by Dedicated Ambassadors For Peace


Seattle, WA – Dedicated brothers and sisters gathered in Seattle at what turned out to be a great event with nearly 30 Ambassadors For Peace (AFP) and friends on Thursday, February 26, to hear plans for 2015, network and share an excellent meal.  After offering a blessing for the meal, participants enjoyed the salmon dinner, followed by a dessert of caramel drizzled crisps with fresh fruit.

Participants then turned their attention to the speaker of the night, Mr. Larry Krishnek, Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Northwest Secretary General. Mr. Krishnek’s topic was “Forgive, Love, Unite; the Way to Lasting Stability.” Mr. Krishnek began with comments on the soon upcoming Universal Peace Federation international conference beginning on March 1st in Seoul, Korea.

The theme of that conference is “Beyond the Challenges of Our Time: Transforming the Society, Nation and World”; in which dignitaries and attendees from around the world will hear presentations on the “Principles of Peace,” and discuss in the context of applying those Principles to the challenges faced by families, and by religions and governments.

Another key part of that conference will be presentations on the topic of “One Family Under God: The Blessing Vision.”  This relates to the next event in Seattle, on March 7th, the Interfaith Marriage Rededication Holy Blessing Ceremony, from 10:00am to 1:30pm. The event will include education on the purpose of this Blessing ceremony.

This relates to the Vision for 2015 of the AFP parent organization, UPF, which is “America becomes a model nation for peace and happiness in the world”, which in turn relates to the establishment of strong, God-centered families as a basis for a strong and prosperous country.

Secretary General Krishnek said that in times of stress, often people respond by separating into groups based upon national origin, religion or etc., but that we should strive to be united based upon the over-arching spiritual principles which we all share as those created by the Creator.

He then led the participants through a reading in summary of the speech by the Reverend Moon, founder of the UPF and AFP organizations, entitled Forgive, Love, Unite”, printed in major newspapers around the USA on 11/30/1973, at the height of the controversy over the Watergate scandal in the Nixon administration, a time of great bitterness and enmity between Americans.

In the speech, Reverend Moon asked Americans to pause and to ask the question “What is the will of God in this situation”. Reverend Moon went on to report on the answers he had received in prayer, being those three words of the speech title.

In the speech, Reverend Moon called Americans to renew the faith expressed in the motto: “In God We Trust”, and asked all to enter into the spirit of forgiveness for President Nixon.

Those who know some of the history of Korea and Reverend Moon know that Reverend Moon’s belief was that Nixon’s deep understanding of the dangers of the communist ideology far outweighed his faults in his ethical and legal breaches of trust regarding the Watergate break-in related to his re-election campaign.

Reverend Moon’s knows first-hand what it will take to stop the the advancement of communist ideology, the horrible effects of which Reverend Moon had witnessed first-hand as a Christian, sentenced in 1948, to a labor camp in North Korea in which two thirds of the inmates died within 3 years.  He even witnessed the ruthless killings performed by the North Korean communist forces during the Korean War from 1950-1953.

Reverend Moon therefore appealed directly to the American people to believe him that God was calling for Nixon to be forgiven, and now humbled; he should be allowed to lead America in being strong against the advance of communist ideology.

Mr. Krishnek sought to remind all that Reverend Moon’s efforts were to remind Americans that the destiny of this country is and should be intimately related to the providence of God for this world, and that America was, and many believe still is in the position to champion Godly values and ideals in the world, and to model them for the world.

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