Forum on “One Family Under God”


Seattle, WA – The Universal Peace Federation in the State of Washington held it’s monthly Peace Forum on April 28, 2016 at the Windermere House in partnership with the Ambassadors for Peace Association of Washington State (AFPAWS).

Mr. Raymond McCready, the Executive Director of UPF Washington welcomed all Ambassadors For Peace (AFP), friends and new guests. After a wonderful dinner fellowship, McCready introduced and appointed a new AFP, Mr. Alex Iheme, who is originally from Nigeria. Mr. Iheme explained how he was involved in public service in Nigeria, and so having emigrated to the USA to enjoy the many opportunities, he found the UPF online as he searched for an organization with whom he could work for public service in the state of Washington.


After the dinner, McCready shared the discussion subject of the forum: “Under the worldview that Humanity is One Family Under God, what is the Position and Mission of the USA?”. He then read some quotes related to discussion question from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. (from “The American Dream” sermon, 7/4/1965), and UPF founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon. Dr. Moon’s quote was a section of his speech on June 1, 1976 entitled “God’s Hope for America”. 

After going through the quotes, they then rearranged the audience and created three discussion groups. Each of the group discussed on the question “What is you thought concept on the position and/or mission of the United States of America?” After discussing, each group assigned a representative who reported for the group.

In summary, here are the general conclusion of all the three groups: Group 1 concluded that America has been blessed by God, and has a responsibility to share those blessings with the world; Group 2 concluded that the mission of the USA is to recognize and receive God as the Parent of Humankind, under the key theme of Godly Family Values; and Group 3 concluded that at times the USA should focus on being a model for the world, so we are able to raise up other nations.

The forum was coordinated by Mr. Raymond McCready and Mrs. Yuko Faris, Assistant AFP Program Coordinator.  AFP Mrs. Emma Herron served as the emcee.


Contributed by: Ray McCready, Executive Director, UPF Washington State

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