Irvington Town in NJ Co Hosted International Day of Peace

Irvington, NJ – The Honorable Mayor Tony Vauss and the Township Council co-hosted the United Nations International Day of Peace celebrating the theme: “Together For Peace: Respect, Safety, and Dignity For All”. The program was held at the Town Hall Council Chamber on September 30, 2017 from 1-2:30PM.

The master of ceremonies, Emiljun Rapada called the program starting with an invocation given by Rev. Dr. Kenslio Ojentis, Senior Asst. Pastor of Nouvelle Jerusalem Baptist Church of the same town. Mayor Vauss then welcomed all the participants with a sincere heart and great enthusiasm. 

Sharing about the significance and the importance of celebrating the occasion, Prof. Alan Saunders, Adviser to UNESCO Center for Global Education, emphasized the need for moral values education. He even offered his services to the town in order to support the efforts of the mayor.

After a song rendition by the FFWPU-based New Jerusalem Choir, Rev. Ralph Oppenheimer gave a very passionate presentation on the Five Principles of Peace. After years of mission work in Central Africa especially on peace and reconciliation, he shared his myriad of experiences and success stories of what UPF can accomplish centering on these principles particularly the idea of “living for the sake of others”.

Rev. Ricardo de Sena, UPF-USA President together with Mr. Tony Vozza, executive director of UPF New Jersey presented the appointment of Mayor Vauss as a new Ambassador for Peace and a UPF pin, respectively. Vauss in return responded with gratitude and vowed to continue the partnership with UPF and to even expand it as evidenced by his invitation to his own councilmen and other mayors in nearby towns. The honorable Councilmen-At-Large Charnette Frederic and October Hudley were also present when the mayor received his appointment.

The honorable Mayor Angela Garretson of Hillside NJ was among them who congratulated the new appointee. She praised her colleague for his outstanding work and also indicated her willingness to partner with UPF NJ for the same purpose – promoting peace among her constituents. 

The program concluded with a very powerful Call to Action by Rev. Denneze Nelson, Chairwoman of WFWP NJ. Finally, the audience sang “Let There Be Peace on Earth” led by the New Jerusalem Choir. Muslim Imams, Americal Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) ministers and other diaspora community leaders of the Filipino International Community of America (FICA) and the African New Hope Association (ANHA) as well as a local media, Local Talk Weekly, were among the participants. 

The program was made possible through the efforts of Rev. Alain Tamelessio with support from UPF NJ and UPF USA.


Contributed by: Emiljun Rapada, UPF USA

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