Malaysian Parliamentarians Attend International Leadership Conference

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Las Vegas, United States—More than ten Malaysian members of parliament and their wives gathered in Las Vegas for the “International Leadership Conference for Malaysian Parliamentarians”, organized by UPF-USA, from May 6-13, 2015. 

Special presentations were given by Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, chairman, UPF-North America; Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, president, UPF International; Dr. Yoo Chong Young, senior advisor, UPF-Malaysia; and Dr. Haitham Bundakji, vice chairman, Islamic Society of Orange County in the United States.

Speakers included Dr. Robert Kittel, education director, UPF-Asia; Mr. Ricardo de Sena, secretary general, UPF-USA; Dr. Michael Jenkins, chairman, Operation Holdings, USA; and Mrs. Kathleen Hwang of the International Peace Education Center in Las Vegas.

Malaysian parliamentarians who attended the conference were Hon. Dr. Azman Bin Ismail; Hon. Wong Sze Phin; Hon. Dr. Che Rosli Bin Che; Hon. Masir Anak Ku; Hon. Dr. Mohd Hatta Bin Md Ramli; and Mr. Mohamad Azri Bin Che Rosli, son of Hon. Dr. Che Rosli Bin Che.

After the presentations, the parliamentarians offered a gift to UPF co-founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

On the final day of the conference, the parliamentarians visited the International Peace Education Center and were later appointed as Ambassadors for Peace.


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