Principles Of Peace Taught at IPEC

Las Vegas, NV – On June 18, 2016, a UPF Peace Education Conference was held at International Peace and Education Center (IPEC), entitled “Peace Principles and Faith Leaders Symmetry”. There were a total of 21 people present, including UPF members, Ambassadors for Peace and guests.
The first speaker was Richard DeSena, UPF-USA President. He gave a very passionate talk about the Principles for Peace, emphasizing that peace ultimately starts within the individual and the family. De Sena stressed that there is the need for religious leaders to be guiding the political leaders for the benefit of society, with the concept of developing a local Peace Council, for this purpose.
Next, Cherry Reyes spoke very heartistically about The Power of Knowing. She stressed that we don’t know what we don’t know, and this unknowing can hamper our success. She emphasized that thru listening and thru reading we can open our minds and hearts. She led a very dynamic and interactive session with each person writing down and speaking about what challenges they have in communicating. Each person committed to working on one point. There was much sharing and connection among everyone present!
Karen Ryce, an effective educator of children and families, spoke about the power of respect in relating with children. She showed step by step how to create more effective learning for children and harmony in the family by finding a way to solve problems that everyone in the situation can agree with.
As we went for lunch, an Ambassador for Peace gave a passionate plea that we remember the victims in Orlando and how important it is to love people who may be different. This guest is an entertainer in Las Vegas and had written and sang to us a song with these thoughts in mind.
Many people stayed and spoke with one another, glad to meet new friends and deepen friendships with others.
Contributed by: Leslie Rigney, Executive Director, UPF Nevada

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