Respected Veteran Speaks at Seattle Dinner Meeting


Seattle, WA – 26 Ambassadors For Peace (AFPs) and friends, including two new attendees, gathered at the Windermere House in Seattle on Thursday, April 23, to hear a speaker, network and share an excellent meal.  

Mr. Ray McCready, Secretary General, Washington State, began sharing some updates with the Ambassadors for Peace Association Washington State (AFPAWS).  He introduced the Universal Peace Federation USA (UPF USA) website, explained the main sections of of it and how to navigate through it.

Mr. McCready explained that UPF USA’s former Northwest District Secretary General, Rev. Larry Krishnek, had taken a new position within UPF’s  sister organization, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), and had stepped down from his position with UPF. 

Mr. McCready continued by talking about the AFPAWS Calendar for 2015.  He reviewed the AFP program which was begun in 1999 and became a part of the UPF in 2005.  AFP recognizes persons who are taking responsibilities and working for peace in their community.

Mr. McCready then invited a new guest, US Navy Veteran Mr. Roosevelt Ward, who has worked for the past 12 years as a National Veterans Service Officer providing help and benefits assistance to veterans.

Mr. Ward was presented a “Thank You Medal” for his service to our country.  He spoke briefly about his service, and was gratified by the recognition.  He then pledged to continue his efforts for veterans.

Following the appointment of Mr. Ward as an AFP, Mr. McCready introduced the main speaker for the evening, Mr. Alfredo (Tito) Medina, who spoke about service to veterans, and an upcoming “Veterans Resource Fair” on May 30 at Tacoma Dome under the title “The state of the Veteran, in a Division of Labor Society.”

His main points were that there is an increasing gap in the American society between those who have served in our military and those who have not, leading to some prejudice against veterans by those who have not served, putting veterans at risk of becoming a marginalized group within American society.


Mr. Medina, working as a VA Accredited Agent, explained his efforts to assist veterans in counseling and benefits. He has put on several events at community colleges and also one event in 2014 at the Tacoma Dome to bring resources together for the veterans who attended. At the conclusion of the dinner, all gathered for photos.

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