Ambassadors for Peace Organize Fervent Unity Prayer

선생님 아티걸

Seattle, WA – The following is the experience of the first Unity Prayer Meeting held by the Ambassadors For Peace Association Washington State (AFPAWS ), on Saturday, January 17, 2015, in the Jose Rizal Park, Seattle.

This meeting was the outgrowth of the inspiration of the local AFPAWS staff. Twenty-six Ambassadors For Peace (AFP) and friends gathered together to share words of inspiration and prayers for our families and communities. Those attending were from diverse ethnic backgrounds and various faith communities, including Christian, Moslem, Buddhist and Unificationist.

The staff opened with a prayer offered by Reverend Nelson Mira.  Later, there were three representative prayers, the first by Mr. Rizwan Samad, of the Islamic faith, then Mrs. Othella Jones, of the Buddhist faith, and finally by Mrs. Sarah Nishioka of the Seattle Family Church. AFPAWS staff then held a unison prayer, followed by a closing prayer by Mrs. Emma Herron, and the singing of “Let there be peace on earth”.

Prayers were offered asking God, the Creator, for guidance in working for and bringing about greater peace and harmony through active reconciliation, based upon the words shared from the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and the Reverend Dr. (Father) Sun Myung Moon, co-founder with Mrs. Moon of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and AFP. We read together a page from Dr. King’s sermon on “Loving your enemies”, and, after testimonies, the beginning of the chapter in Father Moon’s auto-biography “The goal of 21st century religion”.

The Ambassador’s idea is to hold such a prayer meeting four times a year (quarterly).

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