UPF Delaware Successfully Gathered Community Leaders to the ALC

Middletown, DE – On Saturday, November 18th, UPF Delaware hosted a well-attended American Leadership Conference where thirty guests, many of whom were community leaders in the Newark and Wilmington, DE areas. The conference followed the standard ALC pattern of interactive readings and discussions, a format which was very conducive to sharing and passionate discussions. The event was hosted in the home of Anne-Marie Mylar, a blessed couple along with her late husband Kem, who had specifically remodeled the first level of her home to be a conference center for just such events.
Dr. Madelene Clark-Harris, founder, and CEO of House of Judah Empowerment Outreach, Inc., opened the program with a prayer and a salt covenant for peace ceremony with fellow co-host Marion Warin Miller, Coordinator of UPF Delaware.
Hans Moyer, Executive Director of UPF Pennsylvania, was the conference moderator and gave an eloquent introduction to the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). He encouraged participants to continue holding these readings and discussions in their homes, churches, community centers, and gathering places.
Alison Wakelin, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Widener University, addressed the gathering and explained the mission of The Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow, an organization she is a part of, which seeks solutions to racial discrimination on an institutional level.
Remarks were given by D. Marque Hall, artist, athlete, activist, and creator of the website FineBlackArt.com. He also works with The Coalition to Dismantle the New Jim Crow. Hall discussed the need for us to uplift young inner-city African Americans with improved character development and by fostering a sense of pride and responsibility based on the African American historical figures who have contributed so much to American history, and who is featured in the coloring books he has authored.
Adruma Victoria, one of the choir directors from Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s recent speech at Madison Square Garden, came and gave a musical offering on his drum. He spoke eloquently and passionately about how God is not just a father, but also a mother. He emphasized that if we want to change the world, a new paradigm is needed, one in which women are respected and supported in leadership positions. He also emphasized the fact that race labels are a fabrication; there is a myriad of ethnicities, but there is no such thing as black or white.
At the end of the meeting, the poem, “Human Family” by Maya Angelou was read by Es’Shenelle Robinson, daughter of Dr. Clark-Harris. The session was closed with the Ambassador for Peace appointment ceremony, a holy toast, and a closing prayer from Pastor Shota Iwasaki of FFWPU-Pennsylvania and Delaware.
By-and-large, participants were very inspired by the fact that UPF is an international organization promoting peace worldwide. A representative comment from one of the participants was, “It’s so nice to find that there are people in the world who have a heart.”
To encourage the hosting of future events, it is important to emphasize the knowledge base, momentum, and easily adapted format of the ALC Conference. This event in Delaware came on the heels of a successful conference in Philadelphia on October 7th and benefited from the same organizational structure and prayer team. Such events are a very appealing platform for introducing friends and contacts to the works and teachings of the founders. Anyone community and world-oriented will want to attend and invite others. Ms. Sharon Clark, a prominent volunteer, and fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Delaware advocated that such conferences should be held in community centers to help train young people in character education. In addition, Dr. Madelene Clark-Harris’s two young grandsons, who were both in attendance, expressed a strong desire to become youth ambassadors for peace themselves.
We look forward to hosting future programs together and to cooperating in many activities to benefit the community and the world with the new connections we made at this event.
Some reflections from participants:
“Thank you for a wonderful time yesterday. I think it was both healing and a time of celebration for many of us. Peace begins with each one of us and radiates outward. This vibration travels and there is this harmonious synchronicity created for the highest good of all. May those that need healing globally feel the rhythm of peace and catch the spiritual imprints of unconditional love, even if only for a fleeting moment. From there, may someone, perhaps a mentor or a kind soul or even the Divine Spirit within our inner being teach you and each and every one of us the rest? I look forward to what lies ahead in our journey together. Thank you, family, and welcome to the sound of music. Can you hear the birds chirping, the rainfall flowing?” – Tata Li
“I was extremely moved by the program on Saturday, especially by the vision of the Universal Peace Federation, the parent organization behind the American Leadership Conference. The first word in the name says it all – Universal; I believe that we have to understand that the solution to the problems in our society goes beyond race, religion, nationality, or any of the labels we human beings use to divide ourselves. True Americans are those who have a universal mind, who understand that in God’s eyes there are no races or nations, there are only brothers and sisters. If we want to solve the world’s problems we need to understand that. I loved this conference because I was able to find other people who also believed that we need to work to solve everyone’s problems, not just those of our own group because everyone is within one human family. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” – Sunhyun Miller
“Thank you for inviting us to your first ALC meeting. I really enjoyed myself with the guests and members who came. Every meeting has its own flavor. Delaware has such a unique history in our nation. Delaware being the first state in the Union says volumes for the problems they face. The people who came are trying to resolve the problems in old traditional ways. They really need a new paradigm to resolve their historical pains. The pains go very deep into the soul. I hope we can find a way to reach each person’s heart and trust.” – Alice Kaady
Contributed by: Marion Miller, Coordinator, UPF Delaware

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