UPF Hosts First Peace Forum in Puerto Rico

San Juan, P.R. – On the 21st day of September, in celebration of the International Day of Peace, UPF Puerto Rico held its first ever event co-sponsored by International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) Wellness & Health Center. The theme of the Peace Forum was “Elements for Peace”.

Four panelists talked about peace from their own perspective and experiences. The first panelist was Pastor Antonio Grillo of the church “Casa de Jubilo”, he belongs to a family of evangelists. He gave a very moving speech and explained that peace came from Jesus. The second panelist was Mabel Lassalle, director of a non-government organization called “Connecting Paths P.R.”, taught skills on ‘emotional intelligence’ to children of the public school. And finally, the husband and wife tandem of Angel L. Rivera and Isabel Rodriguez, directors of IYTA Wellness & Health Center as well as teachers and practitioners of yoga for about 35 years.

There was a total of twenty-two people who participated in the forum which include fifteen (15) students from IYTA Health Center, four (4) guest panelists, and three (3) UPF staff.

Pastor Pedro Morales, UPF Puerto Rico Adviser gave the invocation while Mrs. Conchita Garcia, Executive Director of UPF Puerto Rico gave the welcoming remarks and a brief introduction about vision, mission, and works of UPF USA.

After the panelists gave their talks, Mrs. Garcia explained the purpose and goals of UPF’s Ambassador for Peace program. The four panelists then received their appointment as Ambassador for Peace which made them more inspired and excited to partner again in the near future in advancing the work UPF . “Everyone felt a sense of unity and as one big family under God despite our differences”, Garcia testified.

A celebratory cake was cut to conclude the forum. Truly, it was such a beautiful and peaceful day.


Contributed by: Conchita Garcia, Executive Director, UPF Puerto Rico

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