UPF Joins Others to Commemorate 40th Anniversary of America and God’s Will Rally


Washington, D.C.
– The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) USA was the lead affiliate organization that organized the commemoration banquet celebrating the forty years anniversary of the historic Washington Monument Rally entitled “America and God’s Will”.

More than two hundred fifty people assembled at the Arbor Ballroom of The Washington Times to remember the urgent message of Rev. Sun Myung Moon on September 18, 1976. He said, “The United States of America, transcending race and nationality, is already a model of the unified world. She must realize that the abundant blessings which God has been pouring upon this land are not just for America, but are for the children of God throughout the world.”  Some thirty original participants to the rally in 1976 were in attendance who received much applause and recognitions.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Chairman of UPF North America, gave welcoming remarks both somber and hopeful in tone. Invoking the themes and concerns voiced by Rev. Moon at the monument 40 years ago, Dr. Kim acknowledged the challenges our families and nation currently face, while also reaffirming that the only possible remedy to these challenges is the practice of forgiveness, love, and unity.

“Forty years ago, Rev. and Mrs. Moon felt a calling to bring this message, America and God’s Will, to the great American people,” said Dr. Kim. “His approach was not a simply patriotic message; he touched the very soul of the nation, highlighting the challenges to the family and nation, and proclaiming that if we unite, we can overcome communism. It was hard to believe then, but it was right on target. America can’t fulfill her role today without principled leadership. God prepared great leaders like you to lead America to real peace. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon feels hope from you and feels that America is God’s hope. If we unite, we will witness transformation just like in 1976.”

The event highlighted the important works that have been done in the past four decades to resolve the three main issues in America and the world, which are the rise of communism and atheistic materialism, the decline of the family and the division among Christians and other faiths. Four speakers were invited to give brief presentations and testimonies how Rev. Moon spent his precious time and resources to resolve these so-called “God’s headaches” and to remind America of its role as God’s hope in building a world of peace and prosperity. Dr. Thomas Walsh, President UPF International gave a brief presentation on the many efforts currently organized by UPF to create a global community of leaders for peace through the inauguration to the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

 Mr. Richard De Sena, President, UPF USA together with Mrs. Tomiko Duggan, Executive Director, UPF Washington DC appointed four new Ambassadors for Peace namely: Rev. Karen Thibodeaux, founder of Lifeway Church of Dallas, and her husband Dr. Bishop David Thibodeaux; Amir Adam Khan, a singer, actor, and model; and Vicki Tiahrt, President of the Congressional Club for Spouses of Congress, Chairwoman of the 91st First Lady Luncheon, and Co-Founder of American Prayer Initiative.

And for the first time, four organizations were awarded, the Three Great Blessing Service Awards which was given by Mr. Tom McDevitt, Chairman, UPF USA together with Dr. Michael Balcomb, President Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA. Each of the recipients received a certificate of recognition and $1,000 donation toward the work of their non-profit and charitable organizations. The First Blessing award recipient was SeraphimGlobal that works to combat domestic violence and human trafficking both in America and abroad. The Mayur Kabob House Restaurant which offers free meals for the homeless and the Douglass Leadership Institute, an education and public policy organization were awarded the Second Blessing Award. While the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, which makes efforts to enhance the workplace by applying biblical principles and revolutionizing the way people view work, were awarded the Third Blessing Award.

To conclude the festivities of sumptuous food, classical music and recognitions, Mrs. Angelika Selle, President, Women’s Federation for World Peace USA called the audience to make tangible and significant efforts to keep the fire going by telling the stories to someone new and to find new and creative ways to make Rev. Moon’s message our own – to adopt it and make a difference.

Contributed by: Emiljun Rapada, UPF USA with inputs from FFWPU USA

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