UPF Utah Pays Respect to His Holiness Maharaj

Salt Lake City, UT –  On May 19th Thursday, UPF Utah Executive Director Wendy Stovall was invited to a meeting between His Holiness Vasanth Vijay Maharaj and Sean Reyes, Utah Attorney General as a member of the Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable.  Stovall reported that “I learned from some material that I received prior to the visit that His Holiness is an Ambassador for Peace. He told me that he had received his Ambassador For Peace appointment at the House of Lords in London, and he is willing to help as much of possible in our work.” 
He is scheduled to visit New York between May 28 and June 3 to attend some events at the United Nations.

The futuristic Spiritual Power who has transformed the lives of millions by his teachings and inspired numerous followers across the globe with his universal message of harmony, unity and brotherly love is none other than His Holiness Dr.Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj, the most renowned and prominent religious leader from India who is a “Living Legend of Ahimsa and Non-Violence”.

At a very young age of 20, His Holiness quit all worldly pleasures and attained Sainthood. His Holiness is a great spiritual master who has practised deep meditation and strict penance for more than 20 years in the dense caves of Himalayas to deep mountains of Vimlachal in India and has attained the most rarest and highest form of “Aatmadhyaan and Kundalini Jagran” with the opening of all the chakras and possessing the eternal force to bless success to one and all. His Holiness is beyond astrology or any foreteller like the famous Nostradamus. He is a numerologist of the highest kind and his powers are remarkable. All the world’s renowned dignitaries, religions heads, scholars, politicians including Presidents and Prime Ministers of different countries have visited the International Peace Centre in Krishnagiri, India to seek his immense blessings and experience the eternal joy and harmony surrounding him and his holy place. An aura film made on His Holiness clearly revealed the rarest rays produced in any human body to date.

His Holiness is the first Indian saint to be appointed as the Ambassador of Peace by the Universal Peace Federation and is appointed as the Diplomatic Consular from India by the International Parliament of Safety and Peace and holds a diplomat passport. His Holiness is honoured with 9 Guinness World Records and 5 Limca World Records for his Commendable contributions to peace promotion for the past 25 years. Besides being the winner of the Public Peace Prize in 2015 and an esteemed nominee for the most prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, His Holiness have received several honours, titles and achievements for His stupendous works until today.

His Holiness have always promoted larger peace and traveled all around the world taking his peace mission. His revolutionary launch of making Peace Education as a compulsory subject in school curriculum have gained great momentous and welcomed by all from the Pope of Vatican to the world’s renowned peace scholars, by the governments of different nations to the local counties and common public. He has drafted the five point agenda on peace education explaining the role of different sections of the society: 1. Role of Policy Makers; 2. Role of Principals; 3. Role of Teachers; 4. Role of Parents; and finally the 5. Role of Children. He is one of kind Holy men whose life ambition is to see a peaceful world.

It is hugely reassuring that while the world goes about its business, there is somebody like Dr. Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj constantly worrying about its wellness.

Reported by: Wendy Stovall, Executive Director, UPF Utah

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