UPF WA Discusses The Role of Women for World Peace

UPF seattle_reconciliation2

Seattle, WA – Sixteen Ambassadors for Peace and friends of Universal Peace Federation Washington State held a Peace Forum on March 24, 2016 in celebration of the United Nation’s International Day of Women at the Windermere House, Seattle Washington.

The forum with the theme “Building a World of Peace through Reconciliation” was facilitated by Ambassafor for Peace Emma Herron assisted by Mrs. Yuko Faris, Assistant AFP Program Coordinator.

During dinner, UPF WA Executive Director Raymond McCready shared on the importance of women in building a world of peace. Based on the words from the Seattle Director of Women’s Federation for World Peace, Mrs. Sarah Nishioka, McCready pointed out the importance of strong couples and families working together to lift up the role of women in peace-building.

Mrs. Laura Conner spoke of the work of the Genesis Project, a registered non-profit which exists to offer hope of a new life to girls and women caught in a life of sexual exploitation, through a three-phase approach of immediate shelter, job skills training and relocation assistance, all with generous spiritual and emotional support. Her presentation culminated with question and answer 

UPF seattle_reconciliation

After questions on the Genesis Project, Mr McCready gave a presentation about “Reconciliation”, the third topic of the Principles of Peace, which underpin and guide  UPF activities. The contents were well-received and then followed a stimulating discussion on the methods and process to bring forth reconciliation between estranged parties.

The group agreed to come together again in April for another productive discussion contributing to the work of peace.


Reported by: Raymond McCready, UPF WA Executive Director

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