UPF WA Holds Mini American Leadership Conference in Seattle

Seattle, WA – Thursday evening of October 26th, twenty-two people gathered for a 2-hour session of the American Leadership Conference (ALC) at the Lochkelden Estate at 6601 NE Windermere Rd, Seattle. Those attending the meeting included Ambassadors for Peace, friends, and supporters.

After the invocation and a meal, people grouped into two, with each group focusing on a topic from session 1 on the ALC sourcebook. Each group did readings and then discussed the assigned topic. The first group tackled “What are the essential characteristics of good character?”. They held a long and lively discussion, including what comes first: unity or love, then about the 10 Essential Virtues from the book Character Matters (Dr. Thomas Likona and Dr. Matthew Davidson, published by Character Development Group, 2005). One participant pointed out that leadership training starts in the family.

The second group read about and then discussed “Why is good character important to leadership?”. Mr. Joe Staton of the Central Area Youth Association led the discussion with comments about peer pressure felt often by young persons, and how someone needs to set an example of good leadership. Former UPF district Chairman Larry Krishnek commented that a good example of leadership has been shown by our Creator in living for the sake of all of us. Michael Ellis pointed out that all of us need to be checking ourselves in order to improve our character and leadership abilities so that we might become better role models.

“All who attended the conference felt it was a rich exchange of ideas and hearts, and we look forward to continuing the process in 2018. We decided to research establishing ‘peace circles’ for students locally, including a ‘peace essay’ contest series”, Ray McCready concluded.


Contributed by: Ray McCready, Executive director, UPF Washington 

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