“What The World Needs Now” Forum in Seattle

Seattle, WA – A great group of 21 persons gathered together on Thursday, the 23rd of March for the monthly forum. The title of the forum was “What the World Needs Now”, with the subtext of looking into the concepts and ideas contained in the first of the UPF Principles of Peace lectures: A Vision for Peace

After an excellent dinner coupled with sharing at the table, participants introduced themselves around to get to know each other better, at least by name plus some tidbit about each person. Soon thereafter the group drove “heart-first” into the presentation. The presentation was based on the original content developed by UPF National HQ including modified versions by Mrs. Peggy Yujiri of UPF Colorado. The goal was not to educate exhaustively but to hit the main ideas contained in the presentations. Using present approaches of modern media, which flashes images on-screen, the presentation lasted only for 30 minutes.

Following the presentation was the discussion, exploring some of the points from the presentation. After which two persons, Dr. Mary O’Neil, a local Christian pastor and activist, and Ms. Priyanka Handa, who works, including volunteer work, at the University of Washington Dentistry Clinic, were appointed as new Ambassadors for Peace.


Contributed by: Raymond McCready, Executive Director, UPF Washington

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