UPF Sacramento Held Breakfast Forum on Marriage and Family

Sacramento, CA – On May 13, 2017, the Universal Peace Federation – Sacramento (www.upfsac.org) held a breakfast event at Sacramento Valley Family Church (SVFC) to explore the value and challenges to marriage in American society and to explain Marriage Blessing as an important solution. Seven members of SVFC, two clergies from the American Clergy Leadership Conference, and three first time guests participated. The format allowed for lots of discussion time.

Video presentation 1: Welcome & Introduction to UPF

Presentation 1:  Review of Five UPF Core Principles for Peace and presentation of marriage as the way to fulfill our lives and reflect the masculine and feminine aspects of God.

Discussion 1: What is the value and benefits of marriage?

Presentation 2:  Challenges to marriage with statistics on marriage rate and current attitudes toward marriage.

Discussion 2: What are ways we can promote marriage in our culture?

Presentation 3: Blessing of Marriage as a spiritual solution to the underlying problem.

Introduce the idea of making spiritual conditions (prayer, fasting) to accomplish spiritual change that affects life. Frame Marriage Blessing as a type of spiritual condition – independent of any particular church or religion – that can bring change in the world.

Video Presentation 2: Blessing America Video with additional video clips from Blessing ceremonies around the world (taken from Peace TV weekly announcements).

Presentation 4: Introduction to  6 stages/ levels of participation in the Blessing of Marriage. Each is linked to an underlying spiritual problem.

  1. Holy wine/juice ceremony – an affirmation that marriage is important and your commitment to lift it up. Addressing lack of support for marriage.
  2. Rededication ceremony – special ceremony of rededication my marriage for a higher purpose – becoming more public-minded less self-centered
  3. Making a financial contribution – money issues often cause conflict in marriage.
  4. Chastening ceremony – domestic violence very real problem in many marriages
  5. 40-day sexual abstinence – self-control, reinforcing fidelity
  6. 3-day ceremony – consummation of love with God.

The participants were invited to attend participate at first level and build a movement in Sacramento.

Contributed by: Ron Pine, UPF Sacramento 

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