UPF WV Discusses True Character, Leadership and Good Governance

Charleston, WV – On  July 29, 2017 Mark Wilson and I held an American Leadership Conference (ALC) program at the Shoney’s Restaurant. We opened the program with prayer by Claudette Kambara, executive director of UPF WV.  Two Christians ministers attended the event, Rev. James Wesley and Rev. Donald Purnell from Dayton Ohio.   
The program was scheduled for an hour. During the conference, we gave each minister a printed copy of Session I of the ALC Sourcebook entitled “True Character, Leadership, and Good Governance”.  Reverend Wesley read the third paragraph about the essential qualities of good character. Interestingly, the topic asks the question “Which comes first, unity or love? A lengthy discussion and engaging conversation took place about the meaning of these words.  In the end, we agreed that “you can love yourself when your mind and body are in harmony with each other.” In the end, Reverend Wesley testified that Rev. Sun Myung Moon, co-founder of UPF was sent by God to America for good reasons.  
Meanwhile, Reverend Purnell shared a story of how he met Rev. Moon on his speaking tour in 1964 to Louisville Kentucky when he was only 10 years old.  He said he would never forget it.   He said, he “saw a bright ball of light when Rev. Moon was speaking”.  
We concluded the event with a prayer.  It was an exciting meeting with them. Reverend Wesley invited us to his church and we exchanged contact information and agreed to keep in touch.   
Contributed by: Claudette Kambara, Executive Director, UPF WV

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