Become An Ambassador

Ambassadors for Peace are a global network of leaders representing the religious, racial and ethnic diversity of the human family, as well as all disciplines of human endeavor. They stand on the common ground of shared principles, committed to the path of promoting reconciliation, overcoming barriers, and building peace.


  • Affirmation of the Universal Peace Federation’s vision and principles of peace.
  • Demonstration of leadership qualities in a given sphere of activity.
  • Recommendation by a Senior Member of UPF and/or by an Affiliate Organization Member of UPF.

(For an in-depth description of the principles affirmed by Ambassadors for Peace, click here to read the Principles of Peace)


  • As an Ambassador for Peace, you will receive a monthly newsletter of activities and testimonials happening around the United States and the world.
  • You will occasionally be invited to participate in local, national and international educational seminars and conferences.
  • Ambassadors for Peace get numerous opportunities to network with other peace makers, and are able to enrich their peace initiatives with ideas and stories of success from other peace Ambassadors.