Raleigh bridges the divide among cultures and faith

Raleigh, NC – “A Night to Deal with Deadly Misunderstandings”

Bridging the Culture Divide Among US.

Written by John Pace, Pastor of the Triangle  Family Church and Sharon Pace, UPF Secretariat General of District 6. 

 This 2 hour evening program on Tuesday night September 8, 2015 in the McKimmon Center, at North Carolina State University campus was very successful and inspiring.

Being that September 21 is International Day of Peace we felt this topic of Bridging the Divide among all cultures and faiths would be a perfect topic to discuss.

 About 80 participants were there, and they were from all walks of life indeed. Young and old (er), black and white, Muslim, Christian and Jew.

  Pastor John Pace from the Triangle Family Church introduced the first speaker.

 Young Gene Huneycutt, a senior at NCSU, and founder of “Priority One” on campus spoke sincerely and eloquently about his relationship with his father. His personal sharing about learning how to love and appreciate his father was moving and a good lesson to all of us. Many participants told Gene that they really learned from his talk.

A personal quote from Gene, “It was an incredibly moving experience listening to Mark Siljander share about stories of Love on a Global scale turning violence in the name of religion into harmony. The Participants shared how they were humbled to attend and how they loved the space of love, harmony and shalom that was created in that room”.

We appreciated NCSU support to advertise this event on their E Bulletin throughout the campus.

Next our keynote speaker Mr. Mark Siljander spoke for about 45 minutes about his personal experiences as an American Congressman and Ambassador for the United Nations confronting the reality of world Islam and how the U.S. government tries to deal with it. He shared his background as a “born again” Christian and a politically conservative “right wing” congressman and how he had to confront the limitations of his own faith and beliefs about the Bible, Islam and even America’ s role in the world as a leading superpower. Now he is at peace with his relationship with God, Jesus and Islam. His book, “A Deadly Misunderstanding” needs to be read by all of us; very informative and inspiring and so hopeful about uniting the cultural and political divide.

  Then Richard de Sena, President of the Universal Peace Federation in America spoke about the history of the U.N. and how the U.N can again become a viable part of the solution to the world’s conflicts. He briefly explained the Five Fundamental Principles of Peace that UPF promotes worldwide. Richard is originally from Argentina and grew up as a radical and was an atheist student who later discovered the reality of God working through his life; a very inspiring sharing and testimony.

  Beverly Gull Yekeson, an Ambassador for Peace,  (Chairwoman for UPF in North Carolina), Richard de Sena and Mrs. Sharon Pace, Secretariat General of UPF of District 6 in the USA, appointed nine “Ambassadors for Peace”, a recognition to persons in the community  who are serving the cause of true peace and justice through their lives. They all received a beautiful certificate and came on to the stage for a group picture.

 Levonder Brinkley, a long time Ambassador for Peace, led the participants to walk through a beautiful “Arch of Peace” built by Gail and Tim Davis. It had 2 Phoenix  birds and the world globe . People from different racial and religious backgrounds paired up and walked through the arch and became new friends, pledging to stay in touch and share together with each other.

  We ended the evening with questions and answers directed to the three speakers. Everyone was very honest and friendly and good questions got asked and, as best as possible, answered. This was indeed a great night of dealing with deadly misunderstandings and making new friends.    

Report written by John Pace, Pastor of the Triangle  Family Church and Sharon Pace, UPF Secretariat General of District 6.


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