Special International Leadership Conference in Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay – A special International Leadership Conference took place in Uruguay with theme was “Toward a New Paradigm for Peace and Human Development in Latin America”. Participants included former heads of state, parliamentarians and other government leaders, religious leaders, woman leaders and civic leaders.

We would like to thank Mrs. Hope Igarashi, UPF Chairwoman in Las Vegas, Mrs. Peggy Yujiri, UPF Chairwoman in Denver and Mr. Bruce Sutchar, UPF Chairman in the Midwest for their utmost dedication to make it possible to have an International Leadership Conference bringing together delegates of North and South America.

Here is a video with the participation of three distinguished delegates: Mrs. Katherine Duncan, Ambassador Sam Zakhem and Mr. Charles John Ford.

You can also take a look at a well-created PowerPoint presentation with a summary of this special event by clicking here.

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