Parents Day 2016 In Chicago

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Chicago, IL – The state of Illinois chose Andrew & Judith Ross as its national nominees for 2016’s parents of the Year, however UPF-USA took a much different route for its local Parents Day program which was held on Sunday, July 24th.

Feeling that over the years Illinois has chosen outstanding nominees from the political, educational and religious fields, UPF-USA decided to look for the trees in the forest of outstanding parents—in other words members of its own Chicago Family Church.  These parents may not have the same credentials as 2014’s National Parents of the Year Couple, Dr. Willie and Sherrilynne Weston, but many of them has demonstrated over 40 years of faith since 1976’s Yankee Stadium & Washington Monument Rallies by UPF Founder, Rev.  Sun Myung Moon. Likewise, while Illinois has chosen a Catholic Nun (Parent to hundreds of her Catholic School Students), a couple chosen personally by Illinois Secretary of State and Parents Day Committee member Jesse White and one of Illinois most prestigious ministers, Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Thurston as Parents of the Year over the years, 2016 called for something even extra special.

After FFWPU District Pastor Rev. Jeffrey Schmitt shared the words of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, UPF Co-founder, on the Yankee Stadium 40th anniversary celebration in June and Rosia Kittel-Schmitt, daughter of Dr. Robert & Therese Kittel, Director of Education – UPF Asia, shared about the incredible activities currently taking place in Nepal, it was time to honor Chicago’s most outstanding parents.

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Newly appointed UPF Illinois State President, Mr. John Healy gave a brief explanation of the Parents Day holiday and displayed the beautiful Parents Day Proclamation signed by the Hon. Bruce Rauner, the Governor of Illinois. Then Midwestern UPF-USA Regional Director, Rev Bruce Sutchar shared about a few the our state’s past winners and then proceeded to invite every parent in the auditorium to join him on stage to receive their own personalized “Parents of the Year” certificate.

The group then sang Happy Parents Day to each other and then Happy Parents Day to our beloved True Parents.

Reported by: Bruce Sutchar, Executive Director, UPF Illinois

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