Parents Day Celebration in Durham, NC

Durham, NC –  The 2017 Parents’ Day celebration was held on Saturday, July 8th at the Triangle Family Church which was organized by Universal Peace Federation (UPF) of North Carolina along with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Durham, NC

Twenty-eight (28) people attended including seven guests. The guests represented various nationalities including India and China. There were beautifully decorated tables with polka dot table clothes, appetizers, a delicious chicken BBQ dinner, rounded out with raspberry pudding and cheesecake.

Christine, a first-time participant in the celebration said, “What impressed me the most was the youth serving dinner to others in attendance.” She also shared, “It is clear to me that what we need most in this world is peace and unity.”

John Pace, an assistant of UPF-NC, explained the importance of family and that God is the Parent of all his children. There were singing and dancing, and congratulating the Lu couple as Exemplary Parents. The Lu couple just celebrated their 50th anniversary. They were so inspired by their neighbor, Tyler Hendricks, that they came to the event in spite of not speaking much English.

The evening included a reading of the proclamation from North Carolina Governor, Roy Cooper, commemorating Parents’ Day.


Contributed by: Sharon Pace, Executive Director, UPF North Carolina


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