UPF NM Celebrates Declaration of Human Rights

Albuquerque, NM – On December 16th with the theme: “End of Year Celebration! UPF Peace Events of 2017.” In commemoration of the 69th Anniversary of the of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the program began with reading the first two pages of the Declaration. Then Dr. Dale Garratt, UPF NM Executive director pointed out that this historic document was missing any reference to God.  A presentation was then shown, with the first dozen slides from Principles of Peace. These slides are evocative of the universal yearning for Him that is within all faiths. It also explains the co-founders vision for Universal Peace Federation (UPF), to be a spiritual counterpart providing an internal perspective to the political structure of the United Nations.

The first of two 15-minute group discussions focused on how we can bring this message of UPF, needing God to realize our ideals and dreams, into our families and our larger community. The second session was brainstorming about what events to have next year, and several ideas were recognized as good possibilities. These included examining parallels between the past division between East and West Germany and the current division of North and South Korea.

The board chairperson of the United Nations Association of New Mexico came for the first time.


Contributed by: Dr. Dale Garratt, Executive Director, UPF New Mexico 

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