Peace Road 2018 Rides to The Nation’s Capital

Washington, D.C. – On May 26th, a beautiful Memorial Day weekend and a perfect bike riding day on the nation’s capital, UPF USA, Sub-Region 2 organized a “Peace Road” event in support of the worldwide campaign for peace and unification.
The Peace Road is an “International highway” that connects all people of the world. It is the enduring vision of the co-founders of the Universal Peace Federation, the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. Participants keep the vision of peace alive by traveling along as much of the Peace Road as possible through biking, running and other events.  Today more than ever, we desperately need a bold peace initiative to bring people together. 
Twenty five bikers, aged 11 to 70 years participated with 10 volunteers who helped to supply their lunch and water during the event.  Thanks to four scouts from Boy Scout Troupe 1212 and Pastor Achille Acolatse, of the DC Family Church, who encouraged the bikers to participate.  The UPF famous yellow umbrellas guided the group along to the starting place.  The nation’s capital was one of the most crowded locations during the Memorial Day weekend.  Over 10,000 motorcyclists came to Washington, DC and many from the famous Rolling Thunder group honoring MIA soldiers. Our “Peace Road” DC Bike Tour was one of many events that took place on the mall.  The UPF purple T-shirts stood in solidarity with the crowd. It was an exciting event for all.
Matthew Goldberg, an official DC tour guide was our bike leader.  He led the group starting from the West side of the Capitol going to the Lincoln Memorial.  Matthew stopped at each historical Monument for a short remembrance; the Washington Monument, both World War I & II Memorials, the Korean War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.  His passion to educate about the heritage of our nation inspired boys and girls and added additional value to the program.
Barbara Moseley-Marks, UPF USA-Virginia and her husband, Kenton, brought apples and Gregg Jones, UPF-Baltimore supplied cold water and chips. Mayumi Kernan, Machiko Moran and Taeko Moffitt made sandwiches for the bikers. We are truly grateful to all those who supported us especially those who join the 2-mile journey promoting a united world by connecting all peoples of the world through this unique event.
Watch out for our next Peace Road events in the Southeast Region.
Contributed by: Tomiko Duggan, UPF USA Subregional Director, Southeast