The 2020 Sunhak Peace Prize

The Sunhak Peace Prize is now receiving prize candidate nominations for the 4th award ceremony in 2020. Please refer to the following information for all nomination submissions:

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1. Prize Money: USD 1 Million

2. Categories:
– Sustainable Human Development
– Conflict Resolution
– Ecological Conservation

3. Criteria for Candidacy:
– Nominee must be individuals or organizations who have contributed
significantly to the realization of peace for people of diverse nations,
races, religions, or ideologies
– In case of individuals, the nominees in question must be presently alive

4. Required Material:
– Candidate Nomination Form, 1 copy per nominee
– A detailed description of the candidate’s achievements

5. Submission Information:
– Deadline: May 31, 2019
– Send to: USA Sunhak Peace Prize Secretariat
481 Eight Avenue, Suite 1224, New York, NY 10001

6. Announcement of Laureates and Awards Ceremony:
– Announcement of Laureates: October 2019
– Awards Ceremony: February 2020

Submit a Nomination