Heart Warming Dinner Meeting Held in Seattle

AFPAWS Takes Group Picture

Seattle, WA – About 20 Ambassadors For Peace (AFPs) and friends gathered on Thursday, March 26, to network, share an excellent meal and hear AFP Mr. Bert Caoili speak about, “Giving God’s Love to the Homeless and Poor,” to network and to share an excellent meal.

In spite of local weather and traffic conditions a strong family spirit was present. To begin the event Mr. Ray McCready, Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Washington State, gave a talk focusing on the five Principles of Peace of UPF.

This talk set the context of the meeting, focusing the attention of the guests on the Principles of Peace, starting by agreeing that “We are one human family created by God.” The guests then turned their attention to the Speaker of the night, Mr. Caoili.  

Hon. Bert Caoili Presents

Mr. Caoili is a long-time member, former President and past District Governor of the Lions Club, whose motto is We Serve. “What is our reaction when we drive or pass around town and see a person with a sign asking for donations from the passersby” he asked. “Do we think ‘is this a scam’?”

Mr. Caoili said what matters is how people perceive, or receive the sign.  He then gave a few Bible verses including Luke 11:41, Luke 12:33, and 1 John 3:17, which refer to how people should see and treat the poor. He then quoted Mother Teresa, who said “it is too short a day to be selfish.  Take time to do charity; it is the key to heaven.” 

Mr. Caoili went on with a quote given in 1978 by Father Moon, Founder, UPF. “When you give to others, do not think that you are giving from your own pocket.  Give with the mind that it comes from the treasury of Heaven and then the person receiving will feel it comes from God.”

As for the practical application, Mr. Caoili said he travels periodically to the Philippines, where his family distributes food and items to the needy.  Also, together with the Seattle Bituin (Tagalog for “star”) Lions Club, they recycle used eyeglasses to donate to those in Jamaica and Central America who need them.

Towards the end of his presentation, Mr. Caoili pointed to the five Principles of Peace, “We are one human family under God and this includes the poor and the homeless.  We have a moral obligation to care for the poor and our ‘family’ includes the poor and homeless.”

He went on to say “We are called to serve them and peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion and nationality, as well as economic situation. Continue to give one hundred percent, with faith, knowing that God will assist you.”

To read more about the Principles of Peace, please visit our Principles of Peace page.

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