The Right to Peace Echoes in Omaha

Lincoln, NE – Secretary-General Antonio Guterres rang the bell of peace on Sept. 21, 2018 at United Nations headquarters in New York to celebrate and pray for peace around the world and its vibrations were felt in Lincoln, NE on Sat. Sept 22, 2018 at Rabbi Michael Weisser’s home where 10 participants gathered to participate in the UPF sponsored International Day of Peace 2018.
Following the theme of “Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and focused on the idea that everyone has a “Right to Peace” the Nebraska gathering prayed about, heard and discussed thoughts and ideas on how we could actively build a world of true peace.
After interfaith prayers, Rabbi Weisser taught the group a Hebrew song of peace and shared a story about his experience during a visit to the West Bank with UPF during the Peace in the Middle East initiative.
He shared how he overcame personal struggles and resentment by meeting and talking with Palestinian people and breaking bread together. After that and several other stories participants shared their ideas and strategies to create a world of peace, including the idea that “Peace Starts With Me”.
Mrs. Theresa Tsubaki, the executive director of UPF Nebraska explained about appointing Ambassadors for Peace as a way to recognize individuals for their accomplishments in building a world of peace on local levels.
Contributed by: Theresa Tsubaki, UPF Nebraska