UPF USA Participates UN Conferences on Family and Spirituality

United Nations, NY – UPF USA was invited to participate to couple of conferences hosted by UN NGO Family Committee and the Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns. Both were held at the UN Church Center in midtown Manhattan on April 28th.

The first conference discusses the “Different Causes of Family Trauma: Finding Resiliency On A Global Scale”. Presenters gave extensive reports on issues of sexual violence especially gender-based sexual crimes on women and children who are seeking refuge and asylum. Also they shared migration crisis in Syria, Iran, Pakistan and even in the United States. Finally a look at the International Decade of People of African Descent and how its affecting the African diaspora.

After the presentations, the audience had the opportunity to give comments and recommendations as well as ask questions and clarifications. To solve these crises, the presenters agree that education and awareness is of the highest importance. Other programs include medical support especially to refugee camps, before and after school programs especially for families with single parent and even financial literacy.

The second conference was on the topic of “Spiritual Impetus for Environmental Sustainability: Facing the Global Challenges of Climate Change”.  The rationale of the conference highlights the need to consider spirituality as a factor to greater environmental sustainability.

On the conference invitation, it states “Environmental sustainability has long been looked upon as an impediment to economic and social growth. As the reality of climate change makes its impact on nations around the world, nations have come to consider environmental sustainability at the forefront. There is a growing shift from economics at all costs towards economic growth  that puts people and the planet first, in which human dignity of the person as well as the dignity of Mother Earth are equally taken into consideration.”

Two speakers were invited to share their insights on the topic. They provided current progress on COP21 Agreement also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference as well as the great contributions of a strong spirituality to shift towards environmental sustainability to mitigate if not to avert the effects of climate change.


Contributed by: Emiljun Rapada, National Director, Youth UPF USA



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