America and God’s Will Washington Monument Rally

Forty years ago, Rev. Moon stood at the foot of the Washington Monument and gave a memorable speech entitled “America and God’s Will,” in celebration of America’s bicentennial. He declared in front of 300,000 people, “I respect and truly love America as a great nation, the central nation in God’s Providence.” He said, “At this crossroads of human history, we must listen to the calling of God. God prepared America for 200 years. This is the time for awakening.”

If anything, those words are even more profound and applicable today than they were then. Whether in his calls to America to fulfill its responsibilities or in basing 40 years of his ministry in America, the faith-based, patriotic motivation was always the same. He believed America had been singularly blessed by God to be a strong and moral country that could be a place where God would be welcomed, and that would lead the world through service, especially in times of great challenge.

The 40th anniversary of the Washington Monument Rally is just around the corner. Come join us on Saturday, September 17 from 2-5pm for an afternoon of inspiration, music and blessings as we seek God’s guidance for our nation, in the patriotic spirit of the Rev. and Mrs. Moon’s 1976 God Bless America Bicentennial Festival. Add your voice as the spirit moves again!

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